The purpose of the Maury Booster Association is to raise funds to help support the academic programs, clubs and teams that make Maury an excellent school. The Maury Booster Association also promotes and stimulates school spirit and encourages students, parents, guardians, faculty, staff and the general community to take an active interest in Maury High School, one of five high schools in the Norfolk Public School system.

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What We Do

The Maury Booster Association encourages parents, the general community, faculty, staff and teachers to support Maury High School.

One main way it does this is by raising funds for Maury High School. In 1985 the association began a fall through spring fruit sale. Traditionally, the Boosters sell Florida citrus fruit from November through April. It also sells vine-ripened tomatoes. The fruit sale typically raises more than $13,000 for the school.

In 2006 the Boosters added a second fundraiser -- an all-school auction in the spring that has raised more than $130,000 in the last three years. Profits from both the fruit sale and the auction go directly to benefit Maury High's students. Funds are distributed in two main ways:

  • Through grants to Maury High School clubs, academic departments or teams for specific projects or purchases.Click here for a list of past grants.
  • By paying funds directly to school clubs, teams and organizations in return for the student volunteers who help with the fruit sale and the auction. Click here for details.

Board of Directors


The Maury Booster Association board of directors typically meet the first Thursday of each month from September through May at Maury High School. Meetings start at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room adjacent to the main office. The meetings are open to anyone interested in Maury High School and the Maury Booster Association.

Meeting Dates for 2015-16 are as follows:

  • Thursday, September 10, 2015
  • Thursday, October 1, 2015
  • Thursday, November 5, 2015
  • Thursday,December 3, 2015
  • Thursday, January 7, 2016
  • Thursday, February 4, 2016
  • Thursday, March 3, 2016
  • Thursday, April 7, 2016
  • Thursday, May 5, 2016
  • Thursday, June 2, 2016 (audit checking account)

  • Note: All meetings will be held in the Maury Office Conference Room and begin @ 5:30pm.



    Amber Pickrell, President pickrell3@cox.net
    Anne Golski, 1st Vice President amgolski@cox.net
    Mary Margaret Lyons, 2nd Vice President dougandmm@cox.net
    Imane Boukhriss, Treasurer imanem@verizon.net
    Blair Ellson, Recording Secretary ellsonbb@cox.net
    Katie Petrillo, Corresponding Secretary katie.pertillo@navy.mil
    VOLUNTEER NEEDED, Auction Co-chair
    Angela Mazzio, Fruit Sale Co-chair kevrmazz@cox.net
    Jane Evans, Fruit Sale Co-chair vacobblers@cox.net
    Lana Smith, Fruit Sale Co-chair gantsmith@yahoo.com
    Jane Harper, Newsletter janeharper@cox.net
    Terry O'Donnell, Webmaster terryod@cox.net
    At-large Board Member, Mira Mariano mmariano@odu.edu
    At-large Board Member, Michelle Peterson michellesews@cox.net
    Karen Berg, Maury High School Principal kberg@nps.k12.va.us
    Michael Sheets, Maury High School Assistant Principal msheets@nps.k12.va.us
    Staff Appreciation/ Ex-Officio, Terry Parker tparker975@aol.com



    Everyone who works with the Maury Booster Association is a volunteer who cares about Maury High School, its students and its teachers. Being a volunteer is a great way to help Maury High and to keep in touch with what is going on in the school.

    To volunteer to help with the fruit sale, spring auction, the Maury Update newsletter or other activities e-mail mauryvolunteers@gmail.com .

    Here are some volunteer needs for the upcoming year:

    • Volunteers to work a two-hour shift helping customers at the fruit sale, which take place once a month from November through April at the school.
    • Volunteers to help auction co-chairs plan and work at the spring auction.

    In addition to its adult volunteers, the Booster Association relies on its student volunteers who unload the delivery truck and carry fruit to customers' cars and also prepare theme baskets for the spring auction. Student volunteers represent specific Maury teams, clubs or organizations. The Boosters pay the representative organizations for their students' help. In 2006-07 the Boosters put more than $38,000 into the accounts of more than 50 Maury organizations whose students helped with the two fundraisers.

    Coaches and club sponsors can sign up an official Maury student group to help with the upcoming fruit sale starting in October. Details on doing that will be posted later and assignments will be made on on a first-come, first-served basis. Maury teams and clubs can sign up to make auction baskets. Details on doing that will be publicized in the fall.

    What's New


    • Association Elects Officers

    In June 2008 the Maury Booster Association elected its officers for 2008-09. They are Fred Pittman, president; Ann Morgan, vice president; Susan Einhorn, treasurer; Ellen Moss, recording secretary; Sue Russell, corresponding secretary; Martha Ambler, Joy Hawkins, at-large board members.

    Wendy Brodsky and Mary Ellen Triplett will serve as the 2008-09 fruit sale chairs. Mary Ruth Nottingham will chair the spring auction.

    • Volunteer Opportunities Available

    The Maury Booster Association is seeking volunteers for the 2008-09 school years. Volunteer opportunities include helping plan and volunteer at the Maury auction and working at the monthly citrus fruit sale.

    To volunteer e-mail mauryvolunteers@gmail.com .



    • What is the Maury Booster Association?

    It is a group of parents, teachers, staff members and others interested in improving life at Maury High School.

    • When was it founded?

    The Association's roots go back to 1976 when a group of Norfolk Girl Scouts and their leaders raised funds with a fall and winter citrus fruit sale. In 1985 the fruit sale became a fundraiser for Maury High School, and the Booster Association was formed to run it and distribute funds.

    • How do I join?

    There currently are no dues. Anyone interested in Maury High School is considered to be a member.

    • What does the Booster Association do?

    The Association raises funds to support the academic and extra-curricular programs at Maury High School. It does this primarily through two ways:

    • A November through April fruit sale that offers fresh Florida citrus fruit and vine-ripened tomatoes to customers.
    • A spring all-school auction.

    The Association also publishes the Maury Update, an online newsletter for Maury parents and supporters.

    • How does the money the Association raises benefit the school?

    All profits go directly to Maury High School through one of two ways:

    • Through grants made for specific projects, supplies or equipment requested by faculty, staff members, coaches or sponsors of Maury High School organizations or teams.
    • Funds also are deposited into the accounts of clubs, organizations and teams whose student members volunteer at the fruit sale and who produce theme baskets for the spring auction.

    Booster grants paid for orchestra instruments.
    • How can I get involved with the Maury Booster Association?

    You can volunteer to help with our main fundraising projects – the November through April monthly fruit sale or the spring auction. To volunteer e-mail mauryvolunteers@gmail.com.

    Contact Us


    Maury Booster Association
    c/o Maury High School
    322 Shirley Ave.
    Norfolk, VA 23517


    Amber Pickrell, President
    (757) 628-3349 Maury Booster hotline

    To contact members of the Maury Booster Board of Directors click here

    Contact: Amber Pickrell pickrell3@cox.net
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