Profits from the Maury Booster Association are used to benefit Maury High School. They are distributed in two main ways:

  • Through grants made for specific projects, supplies or equipment requested by faculty, staff members, coaches or sponsors of Maury High School organizations or teams.
  • Funds also are deposited into the accounts of clubs, organizations and teams whose student members volunteer at the fruit sale and who produce theme baskets for the spring auction.

How to Apply

  • Applicants must be a Maury High School teacher, staff member, coach or sponsor of an official organization or club affiliated with the high school.
  • They should download and complete a Request for Funds.
  • Requests should be for specific projects or equipment with as much detail provided as possible, including exact cost, description, catalog pictures, etc.
  • Requests must be signed by the chair of the department affected by the potential grant as well as the school principal.
  • Signed forms (along with two copies) must be returned to the Maury Booster mailbox in the Maury mailroom no later than Friday before the Maury Booster Board meeting at which the request will be considered.

When evaluating grant proposals the Maury Booster Association looks for the following:

  • Number of students who will benefit from the purchase
  • How the purchase will help improve life at Maury High School
  • Whether other funding sources are available

Preferences will be given to proposals for:

  • Innovative programs
  • Capital needs such as equipment or supplies (excluding routine or ongoing maintenance)
  • Equipment and supplies that will be used by more than one teacher and/or department

The Boosters do not directly fund training or warm-up suits or routing or ongoing mainenance of fields or equipment. Organizations needing help with these needs are encouraged to have students volunteer to help with the Maury Fruit Sale or create baskets for the Maury Auction. Funds earned this way can be used for any purpose.

Recent Grants

The following is a partial listing of grants requests funded by the Maury Booster Association in recent years to benefit Maury High School.

  • Display panels for the fine arts department
  • Computers for the Maury News, photography classes and The Cache literary magazine
  • Wall maps for all social studies classrooms
  • Support for a musical production of "Guys and Dolls" and an orchestra pops concert
  • Production and distribution of the Maury Update newsletter for parents
  • Medals for honor graduates
  • Music for the chorus
  • Equipment for the football, lacrosse, tennis, crew and baseball teams
  • Violas and cellos for the orchestra
  • Ping-Pong tables for the physical education department
  • Educational supplies, art materials and science equipment
  • Cache literary magazine production
  • Banners for the gym
  • Foreign language DVDs and multi-media equipment
  • Video camera for athletic and academic teams
  • Digital camera for NJROTC
  • White boards and smart boards for academic departments

Booster grants paid for PingPong tables for the P.E. department.

Booster grants paid for orchestra instruments.

Booster grants provided music for the chorus.
Photos were taken by Brittany Niece, Jessica Wassenaar, and RIchard Aufenger, students in Maury's AP photography class.
Booster grants helped purchase banners for the gym.

Student Volunteers

Each year the Maury Booster Association pays funds directly to Maury clubs, teams and organizations whose students volunteer with the fruit sale or help create theme baskets for the spring auction. The following 49 Maury organizations received $34,601 in funds in 2007-08 for participating in the fruit sale and auction:

  • Baseball teams (2)
  • Basketball teams (2)
  • Chamber orchestra
  • Cheerleading squads
  • Chorus
  • Class of 2008
  • Class of 2009
  • Concert orchestra
  • Crew team
  • Cross country team
  • Culinary Arts Club (2)
  • Debate team
  • DECA
  • Field hockey team
  • FEA
  • Football teams (2)
  • Golf team (girls)
  • Greece Kids
  • Italian Club
  • Lacrosse teams (3)
  • Latin Club
  • Maury Stage Company
  • Model UN
  • National Honor Society
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sailing teams (2)
  • SCA
  • Skate Boarding Club
  • Soccer teams (2)
  • Social Studies
  • Softball team
  • Swim teams (2)
  • Tennis teams (2)
  • Track
  • Volleyball team (girls)


  • Who is eligible for funding?

Any official Maury High School academic department, club, team or organization is eligible to apply for funding.

  • How do I apply?

The sponsor of the club, team or organization or a faculty member must complete an application form. Forms are available online.

Complete forms must be signed by the department chair as well as the school principal and returned to the Maury Booster mailbox in the Maury mailroom no later than the Friday before the Maury Booster board meeting at which it will be considered. Please include two copies of the signed, original form.

  • Who evaluates grant requests?

The Maury Booster Association board evaluates the requests.

  • How will I be notified of decisions?

You will receive an e-mail from the Maury Booster Association corresponding secretary letting you know whether the grant was approved or not. If it was approved the secretary will let you know the amount of funding to expect.

  • How are funds paid?

They will be deposited directly into the organization or department's account at Maury High School.

  • How do organizations or teams get to volunteer at the fruit sale to earn funds?

Details on signing up will be provided in the fall through an e-mail to all Maury coaches and club sponsors. For questions please e-mail mauryfruitsale@gmail.com .

  • How do teams and clubs sign up to help with the Maury Auction and earn funds?

The auction committee will send an e-mail to club sponsors and coaches in the fall letting them know how to sign up to create an auction basket or donate another item to the auction. Each team that participates in the auction will receive a share of proceeds. For questions please e-mail mauryauction@gmail.com.

  • Are there some needs that the Boosters do not fund at Maury?

The Boosters award grants to all parts of Maury High -- from athletics to academics. However, there are a few areas the Boosters do not directly fund with grants -- training or warm-up suits and ongoing or routine field or equipment maintenance. Organizations needing funds for these needs are encouraged to have students earn money for their teams or clubs by volunteering for the Maury Fruit Sale or creating auction baskets for the Maury Auction. Funds earned this way can be used for any purpose that will benefit the club or team.

What people are saying ...

"The Booster Association has provided updated maps and materials for enrichment activities that help us take our students beyond their textbooks."

Maria O'Hearn
Chair, Maury Social Studies Department

“Funding from the Maury Boosters has given our orchestra more instruments to keep up with the growing demand of students and also let us stay on top of technology.”

Ryan Featherer
Chair, Maury Fine Arts Department

"The generous support of the Maury Boosters over the past years has enabled Maury High to sustain athletic and fine arts programs that are first rate by providing the necessary equipment and services for our students.  I am truly grateful to the Boosters for all of this support.”

Michael Caprio
Former Principal, Maury High School

  “When I was chair of the Maury Science Department, the Maury Boosters allowed us to buy equipment we wouldn't have had otherwise. I was very grateful and still am a fruit sale customer.”

Richard Strauss
Chair, Norfolk Public Schools Research Department


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