board of directors

The Maury Booster Association board of directors typically meet on Mondays from September through May at Maury High School.  Meetings start at 5:30 pm in the conference room located in the main office.  The meetings are open to anyone interested in Maury High School and the Maury Booster Association. If you need to contact any of the members of the Maury Boosters Board, please email


Officers and committee chairs

Dawn Peters, President                                      

Page Weaver, Vice-President                               

Jennifer Moody, Secretary                           

Scott Silsdorf, Treasurer                                         

Vacant, Auction                                 

Jennifer Moody, Communications           

Jennifer Moody, Fruit Sale 

Beth Parker and Chris Voter, Staff Appreciation           

Andy and Monica McCollough, At-Large                          

Christy Johns, At-Large    

Dawn Peters, PTSA Liason