• What is the Maury Booster Association?

    • It is a Group of parents, teachers, staff members and others interested in improving life at Maury High School.


  • When was it founded?

    • The Association's roots go back to 1976 when a group of Norfolk Girl Scouts and their leaders raised funds with a fall and winter citrus fruit sale. In 1985 the fruit sale became a fundraiser for Maury High School, and the Booster Association was formed to run it and distribute funds.


  • How do I join?

    • There currently are no dues. Anyone interested in Maury High School is considered to be a member.


  • What does the Booster Association do?

    • The Association raises funds to support the academic and extra-curricular programs at Maury High School. It does this primarily through two ways:

      • A November through April fruit sale that offers fresh Florida citrus fruit to customers.

      • A spring all-school auction


  • How does the money the Association raises benefit the school?

    • All profits go directly to Maury High School through one of two ways:

      • Through grants made for specific projects, supplies, or equipment requested by faculty, staff members, coaches or sponsors of Maury High School organizations or teams.

      • Funds also are deposited into the account of clubs, organizations and teams whose student members volunteer at the fruit sale or who produce theme baskets for the spring auction.


  • How can I get involved with the Maury Booster Association?

    • Click on the Volunteer Tab on our web site and fill out the online volunteer form.

    • You can volunteer to help with our main fundraising projects:

      1. The November through April monthly fruit sale. We need volunteers work monthly fruit pick ups at Maury High School.

      2. Spring auction